Alpine Security Training Reviews

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"I've taken many cybersecurity boot camps in the past. This CEH course was by far the best boot camp I've taken. The instructor's penetration testing experience and stories were extremely entertaining and valuable. Awesome experience! Highly recommend."
"Very knowledgeable and ensured that he was teaching at a pace comfortable for everyone since the team is at different skill levels. The instructor wanted to ensure everyone understood the material so that everyone would succeed. It's great when you have an instructor who wants to see the success of their students." 
"Our instructor was energetic and knowledgeable. He was able to show up the day prior to the class to assist me in setting up the systems for the class and to discuss our expectations and goals for the class. He went out of his way to assist in tailoring the class for our organization, which was very much appreciated. Everyone in the class seemed to be enjoying the training and I feel that I myself learned a lot about the subject matter."
"I was extremely impressed with the instructors understanding of the course material. The instructor was able to put himself in the position of those he was teaching and plan and teach based upon the needs of the organization."
"Mr. Daniel Sewell was very knowledgeable with the information that was provided in the material. I enjoyed it."
"The instructor was very knowledgeable in the field and topics he was teaching. He was able to take complex topics and convey the topics to individuals who was not familiar with any of the topics."
"Awesome instructor. I can't say enough great things about him... Besides I would like to be in another one of his courses."
"The instructor was outstanding. He knows the material for the CEH class. I learned a lot of valuable information about hacking. I will pass it on to my students in my CyberPatriot class not all but some of it just to let them know we need more security professionals. I had a great time I would recommend this class to anyone interested in CEH or like me to be able to pass this knowledge on to my students."
"One the most professional instructors I have ever had. His knowledge of the material was extremely high. His ability to keep the class focused on the topics and learn the material required to pass the test was "spot on". I have already recommend to several personnel who did not pass the CISSP the first time to try and get Mr. Espinosa as an instructor, he makes all the difference in learning what is required."
"Enjoyed the instructor's laid back easy going teaching style. It was conducive to learning and his mannerisms allowed interaction between student--student and teacher-student. It fit the relaxed nature of our class/student. I've been watching the e-mail traffic from my fellow classmates... so far he is batting 1000% in his students passing their CISSP, so I'd say we've learned quite a bit. I have yet to take the test, but I'm feeling pretty confident which says quite a bit for someone who is uncomfortable taking exams."
"The instructor was very knowledgeable and knew how to balance the load between the material and student engagement. He engaged the audience through personal experience examples and gain the audience's trust fast by proving himself as the subject matter expert."
"He brought real world examples into the classroom that added that extra learning dimension that you don't see in other courses. By far one of the best instructors I've ever had. I will be looking to take other courses that he instructs."
"His level of knowledgeable and extensive experience in forensics made the course so much more interesting and valuable to me. It allowed me to ask more complex questions, which he answered in a lot of detail."
"Christian Espinosa is very knowledgeable about the topic discussed and took time when needed to ensure understanding. His approach of learn the "how its done" rather than the quick "learn the tool" method made understanding what was going on and why so much easier. Had I taken the exam only knowing tools, I definitely would have not passed."
"The instructor was great in overall presentation and the extreme depth of his knowledge. Would definitely take another class with this instructor."
"He. Was. Great. Very nice fluctuation of the way and speed he delivered the content. Great for me (who has little experience) and great for those who were already skilled in the knowledge/content being delivered."
"Knew the material inside-out. He did a great job of balancing intense focus on often painfully dry topics with humor and/or brief side topics. The result was a great learning environment that was intense and focused without being mentally exhausting."
"Best instructor I've ever had."
"Experienced forensic professional with practical experience to tell from. Did really well with our non-usual class (all FireEye engineers) and often asked feedback and input on where to focus on from our perspective."
"The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and crafted the exercises and discussions so we truly learned the material. I have a new appreciation for how systems are exploited."
"Christian Espinosa really understands the technology behind penetration testing. He exhibited knowledge on all related technology discussed in the educational materials, and he was able to make a fun class where everyone could learn. There was a lot of material, and he covered all of it wisely. Well done!"
"The instructor was stupendous. Very knowledgeable about the topics and very open to any and all questions. Would ask multiple times during labs to see if anyone needed helped as well as walked around to assist in lab procedures."
"Excellent CEH instructor. Very knowledgeable. Presents material in an easy-to-grasp manner. Very open to discussion, debate and interacts well due to a very good sense of humor. Was very attentive to making sure students understood the material as well as ensuring students understood the lab portions of the material."