Digital Forensics and Incident Response Services

Despite all of your best preparations, sometimes the unthinkable can happen: an intruder has compromised your systems and interrupted operations. Worse, they might have stolen proprietary or customer data; you might even suspect that someone on the inside may be responsible. How do you determine what has happened and, if necessary, obtain vital evidence?

Incident Response

When your house is on fire, you call the fire department; when your system has been compromised, you call a CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team). Our team utilizes the latest technologies to assess, contain, and investigate issues. We help to get your operations back to running smoothly and securely while maintaining the integrity of important evidence necessary to perform proper post-analysis investigation. All of our remediation is performed in compliance with forensic and legal requirements.

Digital Forensics

Whether we are beginning the investigative phase of an incident response or have been called to investigate a suspected breach, our personnel provide the highest level of quality.

The Technical…
Our technical personnel are able to perform detailed malware analysis and network traffic analysis to determine the vector, scope, and impact of activities.

and the Legal
Our expertise goes beyond the technical, as we have knowledge in multiple domains of legal, regulatory, and industry requirements. Our personnel are certified as evidence collection handlers and maintain an official chain of custody for all engagements.